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About Our Canine Journey

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At Twenty Paws Bakery, our story begins with a deep love for our four-legged companions and a heartfelt desire to pay tribute to the dogs we've cherished, even after they've crossed the rainbow bridge. Our journey started as a way to honor the memories ...

Honoring the Memory of Our Beloved Dogs

Twenty Paws Bakery is more than just a business; it's a heartfelt tribute to the cherished dogs that have graced our lives. The idea for our bakery took root in the wake of a series of losses that deeply impacted us. Losing our dear companions, Bonnie, ...

Treats that Make Tails Wag!

Give your fur baby the love they deserve! Treat them to our delightful creations, crafted with care and passion. Spoil them today with Twenty Paws Bakery treats, because they bring joy to your life, and they deserve nothing but the best!

Tail-Wagging Delights

Deliciously Pawsome Treats

Deliciously Pawsome Treats

Abby’s Apple Bacon

Introducing Abby's Apple Bacon—delectable apple and bacon …
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$12.00Per 8 ounce bag

Graze Cheeseburger

Introducing Graze Cheeseburgers, delectable dog treats …
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$12.00Per 8 ounce bag

Cheesy Paws

These special dog treats are crafted with the utmost care …
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$12.00Per 8 ounce bag

Pumpkin Peanut Butter

$12.00Per 8 ounce Bag

Peanut Butter Banana

$12.00Per 8 ounce bag
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